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Varian hardware, software, and professional services for radiation treatments are widely used on a global basis. There are more than 7,200 linear accelerators, 3,300 treatment planning sites, and 3,000 ARIA® sites in use worldwide. We continue to innovate and offer products and services that integrate into the complete treatment process, so an entire department can come together for the one common goal: treating cancer.

Treatment Delivery
Varian offers the widest range of advanced radiation treatment systems that provide precise treatment, personalized patient care, and clinical efficiencies.

Varian is committed to cultivating an environment that connects the entire oncology community – from diagnosis to survivorship.

Real-time Tracking & Motion Management
Intracranial and extracranial tracking solutions from Varian provide continuous and real-time tracking to enable radiation oncology clinicians to keep the target in the path of the radiation beam at all times.

Cloud-Based Apps
Varian offers innovative, cloud applications for users to help with their clinical workflow.

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