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Structure of the BHPA:

new organisation


All members of the professional union of medical physics (effective and affiliated member alike) need to accept and uphold the code of professional conduct . In case of non compliance of a member to the internal rules of conduct, the BHPA can apply following sanctions: a official blame, suspension, exclusion from board position or exclusion as the member. This will be decided by a majority of board members. In case of a draw of votes within the board, the president of the board decides upon the sanction.

The board approves all membership of members and all memebrship types (effective and affiliated member) and in case of conflict makes the final descission upon approval or denial.


Effective Members

We subdivide the effective members into two parts:

1. Medical Physicist:

A medical physicist (MP) is a professional working in Belgium with a minimum level of M.Sc. who applies the principles and methods of both physics and medicine to provide patient-oriented technical support for preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic medical procedures.

This support consist of expert action, involvement or advice:

  • regarding the specification, selection, acceptance testing, commissioning, quality assurance/control and optimised clinical use of medical devices and
  • regarding patient risks and protection from associated physical agents (e.g. x-rays, electromagnetic fields, laser light, radionuclides).

As member of a team of health care professionals, the medical physicists are uniquely qualified to link the medical doctor to the patient through the responsible, accurate and safe use of technology in both diagnosing and treating people.

2. Medical Physics Expert:

A professional who is certified by a Belgian competent authority (e.g. FANC) to practice independently one or more of the subfields in medical physics in Belgium.


Affiliated members

BHPA, the professional union will represent and support other professionals with same interests and anyone with the same goal of improving the quality of treatments delivered to patients.

These affiliated members are subdivided into following groups:

  1. Fellow members: These can be nurses, technologists, dosimetrists, radiotherapy planners, engineers,… involved in individual patient care carrying out (delegated) tasks from medical physicists.
  2. Honorary members, nominated by the board
  3. Associated members (legal persons, i.e. company and or sponsors),
  4. Corresponding members (medical physics scientists not fulfilling the definition of MP/MPE s.a. research physicists or foreign medical physicists and Ph.D students) and
  5. Student members (Bachelor and Master students)



General board of BHPA

The General Board of BHPA is composed of effective members and has a minimum of 3 members. Every MPE, per domain of competence (e.g. radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy,...) should have a representative in the general board. (no other changes of current statutes for board composition such as board composition is voted at general assembly for a term of 2 years,...).


Scientific board of BHPA

A Scientific Board within BHPA will be reinstated joining the forces of the effective and affiliated members. This scientific board will have a member from the general board of BHPA. Internal rules of procedure, approved at a general assembly, define the composition and working procedures of the scientific board. The scientific board will act as an advisory organ to the general board and they will address matters of science and education such as the organisation of the scientific symposium, be consulted in the basic and advanced training of MP and MPE, in the organisation of a national internship and accreditaion for MPE, in the continual education for MPA's,...    



The procedures to become member, to renew membership or to cancel membership are described in the internal rules of procedure.

New candidate members can send an application to the BHPA board (e.g. via email or via the BHPA website ( They are officially added as member (effective or affiliated) after approval by a general assembly. The membership is activated after processing the application and receiving the correct fee. The candidate member has full access to (the hidden parts of) the website such as job offers, newsletters, reports from the different working groups and has the possibility to be added to the mailing list, among others. Every member should pay a yearly fee. A reminder for payment will be send one month before the the expiration date. If payment is overdue the access to the website will be restricted. You have then one year to reinstate your membership upon payment of the membership fee with a penalty of 50€ administrative cost. 

Fees are:

  • Effective member: 40 €/year
  • Affiliated member: 40 €/year
  • Student member: free



Short overview

Here follows a short recap of the memership organisational structure:

Effective member

Medical physicists and Medical Physics Experts

  • Fulfill definition for Medical physicists or Medical Physics Experts
  • 2 MPE as referee
  • Medical Physics Experts , per domain of competence , should/can have representative in the board
  • Full voting rights on general assembly


Affiliated member (no voting rights but have voice at General Assembly)

Fellow members

  • Nurses, technologists, MPA, dosimetrist, engineers,…
  • Minimum Diploma as bachelor
  • 2 MPE as referee

Honorary members

  • Retired former members
  • Nominated by board

Associated members

  • Can be natural or legal person (Company member)
  • Accepted by the board

Corresponding members

  • foreign (recognized) physicists,
  • medical physics scientists not fulfilling the definition of MP/MPE such as research physicists,  
  • phd students
  • 2 MPE as referee

Student members 

  • Bachelor and master students
  • 2 MPE as referee



Change membership type

Send a mail to with your request.



Membership renewal

Membership renewal fees must be paid annually before the end of March. If you do not renew your membership before the end of this year you will not be allowed to attend the next BHPA symposium as a member.

A new membership payment system is implemented since March 2022.

Each member will receive an annual automatically generated reminder email containing a link to pay and renew your membership. We request that the membership be paid within the month following receival of the reminder. 


Early membership fee payment

Sign in to your account.

Go to My account > My account

A link to pay your fee via mollie should be visible.


Cancel membership

Also see statutes at the bottom of this page.

You can cancel your membership by offering your resignation via a letter to the president of the board.