Honorary Members


Em. Prof. Stefaan Vynckier

Stefaan Vyncier

Born in Overijse, Belgium on December 1st, 1952, married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Retired on January 1st, 2018

Professional highlights

I started my university studies at the KULeuven as a master (Iicentiaat) in Mathematics and Physics. My master thesis was made in the field of Mathematical Physics in 1974. My PhD studies started the same year in the department of Solid State Physics of the KULeuven. The PhD was finished in 1980 on the measurement of magnetic susceptibility for different alloys at extreme low temperatures and high magnetic fields, produced by superconducting coils. During the last year of my PhD, I made, with the help of Prof Jan Van Dam (who was a friend of my PhD promotor), contact with Prof André Wambersie. Together with Prof. Wambersie I wrote my PhD annex thesis on Beta-emitter dosimetry. The annex thesis was published in Physics in Medicine and Biology in 1982 and was part of the lCRU 72 report on ”Dosimetry of Beta—rays and low—energy photons for Brachytherapy".

In 1980 I joined the medical physics group in the radiotherapy department at Cliniques universitaires St—Luc and became the head of medical physics in 1995. From 1980 until 1995, I worked mainly on the dosimetry of neutron and proton beams. I was at that time the chairman of ECHED (European Clinical Heavy Particle Dosimetry Group), subgroup of the EORTC. From 1996 until 2018, I worked closely together with the new head of the radiotherapy department at St-Luc: Prof P. Scalliet. During this period, I was member of different working groups or committees for medical physics (e.g. ICRU 59 and 72; IAEA TRS-398 dosimetry protocol and several NCS reports) and chaired the BHPA (Belgian Association of Medical Physicists) from 1994—1998 and the NOS (Nederlandse Commissie voor Stralingsdosimetrie) from 2002 until 2010.

Besides my clinical activities, I had also research and teaching duties at UCL University. As invited professor:

- teaching different courses on medical physics (dosimetry, radiotherapy techiques,...)
- following the internship and master theses of more than 75 students in medical physics
- promotor of 6 PhD theses
- published more than 100 peer reviewed papers in the field of medical physics. 

For the IAEA I've performed several international missions, such as courses for workshops, inspections and audits of radiotherapy centres (QUATRO). I retired end 2017, but I'm still actively involved in the field of medical physics. Collaborator at IREC institute of UCL, member of the commission of the IAEA on the update of the TRS-398 protocol (proton and heavy ion part), auditor of radiotherapy centres.  


Marie-Thérèse Hoornaert


  • Graduate in medical physics from University of Liege - 1978.
  • Expert agréé en radiophysique (radiothérapie et radiologie) since November 2000

Medical physicist aT Jolimont Hospital (Haine Saint—Paul) since october 1978, first in the department of oncology and nuclear medicine and consultant for the department of radiology and then head of the Medical physics department (until 2015) that was progressively implemented for Centres hospitaliers Jolimont Lobbes et Tubize Nivelles  since 1999.

Consulting physicist for the department of radiotherapy of CHU de Liege (2002—2015)

Teaching medical physics was also part of my career as Maitre de conferences and Maitre de Stages at the Faculty of sciences of the University of Liege, promotor of number of TFE at Joiimont and CHU of Liege, speaker at teaching sessions and seminaries organized by scientific societies (ABRO, BHPA,SFPM...) and in continuing education and also at the radioprotection certificate both for medical doctors and  auxiliaires médicaux in Liege and La Louvière.

l was secretary (1984—1986) and President of BHPA (1986—1992) and worked a lot for scientific (working group, congress...) and professional matters: recognition of our profession, education, FANC recognition... Member of other scientific societies (ESTRO,AAPM,SFPM...). I also participated to number of working groups in my main topics of interest during my professional activities:

  • Dosimetry and quality control: (uniformization of dosimetry in radiotherapy in Belgium), audits (BHPA and Quatro), participation to the elaboration of NCS 18 protocol...
  • Brachytherapy
  • Radiology: interventional radiology (leader with Hilde Bosmans of the FANC proiect...)...

I also had activities linked to the Ministery of Public Health and the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, namely: Expert in the domain of ionizing radiations near the SHC (Superior Health Council) and now Member of the College and vice president of ionizing radiations section.

Member of the Peer Review en Radiotherapie  (College de Radiothérapie) and member of the audit group of the  College de Radiotherapie until 2016.

Member of the « Jury d’Agrément des Radiophysiciens » and of the Medical Jury of FANC until 2018.


Michel Van Dycke

Born in 1952

Title Of Industrial Engeneer in Nuclear Sciences in 1974 (Nuclear Metrology)


Approved Expert in Radiotherapy and Radiology

Work in a Nuclear Medeoine Dept from 1974 until 1980: development of cardiac STUdieS

In 1980 moved to radiotherapy Dept to start to work with RTPLAN TPS from GE.
Work as Head Medical Physicist in Clinique St Jean (Brussels) until march 2017.

2005~...: invited Professor in charge of the course dedicated to Technology and QA in Radiotherapy and Radiology
(University of Brussels ULB).

Additional activities:

  • Thesis supervisor in medical physics for students from ULG and ULB
  • Training supervisor for students in medical physics (ULG,ULB,UCL)
  • Training supervisor for students sended by IAEA
  • Member during more than 15 years of the College of Radiotherapy
  • Many missions as lAEA expert in developing countries
  • President of BHPA during 4 years
  • Courses for ABRO-BVRO . .
  • Publications for national and international medical thSlCS meetings
  • Auditor for the Ouatro Audits performed in Belgium



Alex Rijnders