The Belgian Hospital Physicists Association (BHPA) is a voluntary organization that gathers medical physicists from Belgium. This Association was founded in 1978 (ID 8665/78). Its purpose is to group, to share and improve the knowledge of this specific field of Physics. Medical physics is, in general, the application of physics concepts, theories, and methods to medicine or healthcare. Medical Physics can be found in three medical departments: Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology (medical imaging). Due to the never ending appearance of new technologies and techniques for diagnoses and treatments, quality controls and treatment quality have become the main goals of our work. By regrouping all specialists in our Society, we are more able to learn from each others.

Our Association counts about 200 effective members. Every Medical Physicist working in a Belgian Hospital can become an effective member. He just needs to be recommended by two other effective members. The effective membership of candidates is voted at the General Assembly, usually held in February. We also welcome other persons, with same interests as foreign medical physicists, medical physicists working in private companies (developing, for example, the technologies used in hospitals, or performing controls in name of government, …), dosimetrists, anyone with the same goal of improving the quality of treatments delivered to patients. These people are admitted as correspondent members. We also have student members, future medical physicists in training, and Sponsors to help us to support our website. For more information about the membership please visit the membership page

The Society is supervised by a Board, made of 4 to 6 effective members. These Board members are elected at the General Assembly for a two-year mandate renewable.

Please use following address to contact us:

SBPH asbl - BVZF vzw
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, tav prof Nico Buls
Laarbeeklaan 1031090 Jette
Entreprise Number: 418.717.227


Mail to:
Piet Stevens
Secretary of the BHPA