International Day of Medical Physics 2021

Jan Vandecasteele
BHPA enthousiasts


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flyerDearest colleagues,


After 1.5 years of online meetings,  the desire to see each other again in real life keeps gnawing in many of our heads, and the next BHPA symposium (4-5 february 2022) is yet so far away !

Therefore, we're excited to invite you to a real-life BHPA event on the occasion of the international day of medical physics !

SAVE THE DATE, move your shifts, take some time off, and encourage your colleagues, trainees and PhD students to do the same : 

Tuesday Nov 16th, - 5 PM - VUB Brussels (2 min walk from station Etterbeek), car parking will be foreseen.

The event consists of 

  • a short general seminar matched with the occasion, by Federica Zanca and Keith Faulkner (UK)
  • followed by food and drinks till ... PM/AM* in a cozy place across the street. 


Details and registration will follow soon ! 


Hoping to see you in great numbers,


Gert, Nadine and Eline,

the organizing committee

on behalf of the BHPA

* indicate your choice ?