Siemens - Discover a new world in radiotherapy and CT-simulation

Piet Stevens
BHPA members

Bluepoint Brussels, 80 Bd A. Reyers Ln, 1030 Brussel

Precision medicine and hypo-fractionated treatments contribute to more efficient irradiation of the patient.
However, they are only possible if the data from the treatment schedule are accurate.
Current CT simulation devices do not always respond to the individual situation of the patient, such as the inability to hold the breath.
In these complex cases, inaccurate image quality makes it difficult to focus on the tumor and thereby protect the vital organs.
That's why Siemens Healthineers is presenting the brand new SOMATOM go.Sim and SOMATOM go.Open Pro. These revolutionary, intelligent CT simulators with automated patient modeling push boundaries in the treatment of challenging cases.