BeSTRO Spring Meeting 2022

Jan Vandecasteele
Radiation oncologists
Medical physicist radiotherapy
Assistants medical physics radiotherapy

Virtual meeting

Number of hours

BeSTRO Spring Meeting 2022
Event language: English
Target audience: MPE, RO, MPA
Organizer: BeSTRO
Place: Online
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Hours for recognition continual education:

01u30 for MPE radiotherapy
01u30 for MPA radiotherapy


14:00 Welcome by the president

14:05 Scientific presentations by doctoral students in radiation oncology:
14:05 Evaluating the impact of 18F-FDG-PET-CT on risk stratification and treatment adaptation for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer (EFFORT- IBC): a phase II prospective trial F. Verghote (UZ Gent) 
14:20 Sexual Health assessment before and after female pelvic radiotherapy L.. Grandjean (CHU Liège) 
14:35 Using ePROMs for follow-up after palliative radiotherapy: an exploratory study with patients and health care providers E. Oldenburger (UZ Leuven) 

14:50 Break 

15:00 Award ceremony 
15:15 E. van der Schueren lecture by P. Coucke (CHU Liège) “Artificial Intelligence” 

16:00 General Assembly BeSTRO – BARO