BHPA ordinary general assembly

Jan Vandecasteele
All effective members of 2021who have paid the memebrship fee

Virtual teams meeting

Number of hours

Dear effective member of BHPA,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the yearly ordinary General Assembly of BVZF-SBPH on March 29th 2021 between 19h and 20h as demanded in our statutes and according to the new vzw/asbl legislation of 2019. The meeting will be organized via Microsoft Teams – link to the meeting will be available online (www.bhpa.eu). This will be a live meeting during which you will be able to vote upon following topics: 

  1. New statutes for BHPA as professional Union.
  2. voting for board composition,
  3. Approval of the 2021 budget,
  4. Discharge of Board for 2020,
  5. Approval of 2020 financial report,

If you are interested to join as board member, please contact us via mail before March 25 2021.

The convocation in Dutch and French can be found attached. There is also a possibility to give a procuration/volmacht to another effective member and this document can also be found attached.  

For the board,