Minisymposium UZ Leuven

Nico Buls
Minisymposium UZ Leuven

Campus Gasthuisberg auditorium BMW5, O&N2,

Number of hours

Everybody welcome!


14u–14u45 Maria Zankl, Research Unit Medical Radiation Physics and Diagnostics; Institute of Radiation Protection, Helmholtz Zentrum München
“ICRP adult male and female reference computational phantoms and Helmholtz family of voxel phantoms”

14u45–15u30 Choonsik Lee, Dosimetry Unit; Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, Radiation Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute NIH
“The application of computational phantoms to medical radiation dosimetry”

15u30–15u45 Steven Michiels, Laboratorium Experimentele Radiotherapie, Departement Oncologie KU Leuven
“Applications of 3D printing in radiotherapy”

17u PhD defence Pasquale Lombardo in auditorium O&N4
“Development of the Realistic Antropomorphic Flexible Phantom for applications in dosimetry”