Call for members: NCS Subcommission Deformable Image Registration

Odile Michel

Dear all,


The NCS is starting a subcommittee on deformable image registration (DIR), focussing on its clinical applications in radiation therapy. Please refer to the details below. Wouter van Elmpt (Maastro) will chair this subcommittee.

If you’re an expert in the use or development of DIR and you’re interested and can spend the time to participate in this subcommittee, please send an email to and/or stating your expertise and experience with DIR.


It is anticipated that the subcommittee submits a report to the NCS board in about 4 years, although a quicker throughput is encouraged. Typically a subcommittee will have about 4 face to face meetings per year.


Best, also on behalf of Wouter van Elmpt and the NCS board,

Alex Rijnders



Deformable Image Registration in Clinical Practice: Dos and don’ts

With the advent of sophisticated, yet user-friendly deformable image registration (DIR) toolboxes, it has become available for clinical use in radiation oncology. Many vendors even sell commercial solutions for DIR. Still, the validity of DIR is not guaranteed in all clinical circumstances and therefore one needs to be cautious when applying it in clinical use. This NCS subcommittee aims to give an overview of possibilities and pitfalls of different DIR techniques and provide guidance to clinical application.

This subcommittee covers the following typical areas of use for DIR:

  • Reirradiation
  • Contour propagation between consecutive scans
  • Dose accumulation
  • MR linac (online) adaptation
  • Proton therapy (online) adaptation

DIR for autocontouring is not part of the scope.