Invitation to join new workgroup on Medical Device Regulation

Jan Vandecasteele

Dear Colleagues,

You may remember from our last symposium the presentation and upcoming rules about Medical Devices Regulations (MDR). This legislatuion goes into effect on May 26th, and potentially applies to internal software/script developments (including Excel sheets) most of us implement in their departments.

During our last GA, we discussed about creating a working group about MDR. The aim of this group will be to help our departments to comply with this new legislation. This also could be a good opportunity to recommand good practices regarding software/scripting development.

Some of you were volunteers during or last GA to participate to that group. As the MDR implementation was delayed by 1 year, we ask again for volunteers.




Please contact Alain Sottiaux ( and fill the Doodle

Chair: Alain Sottiaux

Workgroup will meet in weeks 2 and 3 in Januray (doodle-link)

First meeting will be virtual.