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During an ESTRO physics workshop a survey was developed to determine how many centers do 1) real-time motion management and/or 2) adaptive radiotherapy. We want as many as possible centers to respond to get an as good as possible overview of the current pattern of practice. Of course we are interested in responses of centers who practice these treatment approaches, but we are equally interested in responses of centers who do not (yet) do it. We would be very much interested to know about reasons and arguments why they don’t, and what could be done to possibly start doing it.  


Bij voorbaat dank,


Ben Heijmen



Dear colleagues,

The Pattern Of Practice for Adaptive and Real Time Radiation Therapy (POP-ART RT) study has been established by participants of the "real-time and adaptive management of anatomical variations" track at the 2nd ESTRO physics workshop, held in October last year in Málaga, Spain.

The study has two aims.

·      To determine to what extent and how adaptive and real-time radiotherapy is being used in clinical practice.

·      To understand what the barriers to implementation or further use are.

Therefore, we have developed an institutional survey, which contains questions on the current use of gating/tracking for respiratory motion management, and for adaptive radiotherapy using multiple treatment plans for the management of interfraction motion.

The survey also contains questions on plans for further or new implementation of real-time and adaptive motion management techniques, and the main barriers and challenges preventing wider use.

It is important for the success of this study that all institutions complete the survey, including those that are not doing any form of adaptive or real-time radiotherapy. For those institutions where this is the case, the survey will only take five minutes to complete.

Please complete the survey online at:

A PDF of the survey is also downloadable ( ) and can be used for internal discussion before completing the online form.


For questions email Gail Distefano (  or Jenny Bertholet (


On behalf of the POP-ART RT workshop participants

Jenny Bertholet, Gail Distefano, Ben Heijmen and Marianne Aznar