Report of the professional matters session 2 during BHPA: The future of education of MPE's

19 Feb 2020
Jan Vandecasteele

Dear colleagues

Please find the presentations and a summary of the second professional matters session organized during BHPA symposium 2020 focused on the future of education of MPE's in Belgium. Talks from the EFOMP president Marco Brambilla and Hilde Bosmans on the European point of view. A talk from the expected quality of reports to the medical jury by Kristof Baete, A talk from Gauthier Coussement on the plans how to school MPA's in the Walloon region and a talk by Nick Reynaert on laying down some ideas toward a path for education of future MPE's in Belgium. At the end you can find some statements consulted to the audience and the final idea to start a working group on education of MPE's. Please have a look at the presentation you can find attached. I wish to thank all the participants to the session!!

Jan Vandecasteele

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