Netherlands Commission on Radiation Dosimetry

The Nederlandse Commissie voor Stralingsdosimetrie (NCS, Netherlands Commission on Radiation Dosimetry) was officially established on 3 September 1982 with the aim of promoting the appropriate use of dosimetry of ionizing radiation  both for scientific research and practical applications. The NCS is chaired by a board of scientists, installed upon the suggestion of Dutch supporting societies. Since the beginning of 1999 the board of the NCS has been strengthened with a representative of the Belgian Hospital Physicists Society.

To pursue its aims, the NCS accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Participation in dosimetry standardisations
  • Promotion of dosimetry intercomparisons
  • Drafting of dosimetry protocols
  • Collection and evaluation of physical data related to dosimetry

Furthermore, the Commission shall maintain or establish links with national and international organisations concerned with ionizing radiation and promulgate information on new developments in the field of radiation dosimetry.