Professional Matters

Chair: Jan Vandecasteele

Members: Jan Vandecasteele, Nadine Linthout, Geert Pittomvils, Claire Bernard, Kristof Baete, Tom Depuydt, Barbara Vanderstraeten, Olga Koshariuk, Milan Tomsej, Younes Jourani, Pierre Merlo, Liesbeth Eloot, Federica Zanca, Klaus Bacher, Alex Rijnders, Francoise Malchair, Dirk Verellen, Veronique Baart, Pieter-Jan Kellens, Piet Stevens

Mission: Working group created to discuss professional matters


  • Delegation of tasks from MPE to RTT 
  • Consultation in the revision of the education of Medical Physicists in Belgium
  • Feedback on new legislation and technical publications from FANC
  • Create vision statement for MPE in Belgium
  • Work towards Professional Unions
  • Lobby to officialise our status as Health Care Professional