DOSIsoft S.A.

DOSIsoft S.A.

    • 45/47, Avenue Carnot, 94230 Cachan France
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Founded in 2002, as a spin-off from both Gustave Roussy and Institut Curie - two major cancer treatment centers in Europe - DOSIsoft is committed to design, develop and deliver patient-specific imaging and dosimetry software in Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine to improve patient safety & treatment quality.


A continuous innovation and R&D investments at the crossroads of Dosimetry, Medical Imaging and Digital technologies, have made DOSIsoft become a leading dosimetry software company. Its solutions have been used successfully in over 300 hospital centers in nearly 50 countries around the world.


Located near Paris (France), the head office of DOSIsoft ensures development and maintenance of software solutions as well as marketing & administrative services. Opened since 2016, new subsidiary - DOSIsoft Inc. - in Miami (USA) allows to address the specific requirements of the North and South American markets. The sales or export in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific continents are developed either directly or by working with our great worldwide partners and specialized local distributors.


Today, exclusive and distinctive features offered by DOSIsoft’s software solutions help physicians and physicists to deliver high-quality diagnosis, treatment planning, quality assurance and cancer patient follow-up, either in External Beam Radiation Radiotherapy (EBRT) or in Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT). All DOSIsoft products are targeted to be both CE marked, FDA 510k cleared and complied to the ISO regulatory requirements.


1.         PLANET® Onco : Oncology Software for Molecular Imaging & RadioTherapy

2.         PLANET® Dose: Multi-radionuclide 3D Personalized Dosimetry Software for Molecular RadioTherapy (MRT 90Yttrium &177Lutetium)

3.         IMAgo: Medical Imaging & Contouring Management for TPS

4.         SIMAgo: Beam Set-up & Virtual Simulation for TPS

5.         ISOgray®: Dose Calculation & RT Treatment Planning

6.         ThinkQA Software Suite: Web-based Patient Specific Quality Assurance Software


7.         MU2net: Automatic & independent secondary MU calculation

8.         EPIbeam: Fast & Automated EPID-based pretreatment verification

9.         EPIgray®: 3D EPID-based in vivo dosimetry


DOSIsoft has been expanding internationally thanks to a network of best-in-class academic and clinical partners. Active collaboration is performed either through joint research & development projects or through specific collaborations for the clinical validation of latest products and their transfer to new clinical routine workflows.