C.CURIE bv/srl


C.Curie bv/srl
Jan Dekinderstraat, 29/3
1731 Zellik
Tel. +32(0)2 466 63 42

Nicole De Keyzer, Manager  ndk@ccurie.be


C. Curie focuses on the nuclear medicine market. 

We ensure the supply and maintenance of products, but we also aim to promote the faster development of new applications through the creation of user groups.

We have a number of companies within our portfolio:

BriTec  experts in Radiation Protection, Handling, Shielding and MRI Accessories. 

HOY Scandinavian supplies a wide range of products for radiation protection in nuclear medicine and oncology departments.                                                     www.hoyscandinavian.dk

Suremark  is the first company in the world to develop and offer a complete line of environmentally safe, NON-METALLIC precision skin markers to the medical industry.

For-Med is a devolopment and manufacturing company for nuclear medicine accessories, QA phantoms, patient positioning- and shielding products.