Memberships, Fees and Bank Account

Our Association has different kinds of memberships:

  • Effective members: Medical Physicists working in a Belgian Hospital.
  • Correspondent members: Other members such as medical physicists working in private companies, foreign medical physicists, dosimetrists, anyone with the same goal of improving the quality of treatments delivered to patients.
  • Student members: future medical physicists in training.

    Fees are:

    • Effective member: 40 €/year
    • Correspondent member: 30 €/year
    • Student member: 10 €/year


    Membership renewal fees must be paid annually before the end of March. If you do not renew your membership before the end of this year you will not be allowed to attend BHPA2021 as a member.

    Please use as message: Membership 2020 First name Surname

    Bank Account 210-0849430-53:
    IBAN: BE53 2100 8494 3053

    The website of our Association is supported by our commercial sponsors:

    • Main and simple Sponsors: companies supporting our website.
      • Main sponsors have limited access to contact lists (12/year) to send mails to our members via the website. The Logo is permanent on the top right of the site. Main sponsors can also post events and job applications on the site. The description page may be directly managed from your side.
      • Simple sponsors have a small logo, appearing randomly on the bottom left. The description page may be directly managed from your side. 
    • Main sponsor: 1250 €/year
    • Sponsor: 300 €/year