IWDM 2016 – 13th International Workshop on Breast Imaging

Frederik Vanhoutte

Malmö, Sweden


Welcome to IWDM 2016, the 13th International Workshop on Breast Imaging. Formerly called the International Workshop on Digital Mammography (IWDM), our new name recognizes the move in breast imaging towards recent and emerging technologies and multimodality imaging solutions. IWDM 2016 is designed as a platform to present the latest technological developments and clinical experiences of novel breast imaging technologies, including digital mammography, tomosynthesis, CT, MR, ultrasound, optical and molecular imaging. Additional topics include multimodality imaging, image processing and visualization, and computer aided detection/diagnosis (CAD).

The IWDM meetings bring together a diverse group of researchers, clinicians and representatives of industry, who are jointly committed to developing technology for early detection and subsequent patient management of breast cancer. The conference series was initiated at a 1993 meeting of the SPIE in San Jose, with subsequent meetings hosted every two years by researchers around the world. Previous meetings have been held in York (1994), Chicago (1996), Nijmegen (1998), Toronto (2000), Bremen (2002), Durham (2004), Manchester (2006), Tucson (2008), Girona (2010),
Philadelphia (2012), and Gifu (2014).

IWDM 2016 will be held from
Sunday June 19, to Wednesday June 22, 2016, at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, Malmö (in City Centre), Sweden.