Cablon Medical B.V.

Cablon Medical B.V.

Klepelhoek 11
3833 GZ Leusden

Tel: +31 33 494 3964
e-mail: info@cablon.nl

Since 1978 Cablon Medical is a reliable supplier for medical equipment and accessories in the
Netherlands and Belgium in Radiotherapy, Radiology, Pharmacy and Dialysis. In the Radiotherapy
field we are both partner (CIVCO) and manufacturer for radiotherapy equipment (TheraView

TheraView Technology is a division of Cablon Medical. Specialised in Image Guided Radiotherapy
(IGRT) solutions and Workflow Management for your Radiotherapy department. Manufacturer of
Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPID) for MV imaging, Patient Position Verification/Correction
and Total Body Irradiation Imaging (mobile) as well as interfacing to existing OEM aSi panels for
MV and KV. TheraView Technology develops software and hardware for Acquisition/Import, Patient
Identification, Dosimetry, Image Enhancement, QA, Matching Algorithms (3D/6D) and Couch
Movement in 3D/6D by using the Theraview Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA).