Fysieke inventaris/l’inventaire des appareils et sources radioactives

9 Apr 2019
Nico Buls

Dear members,

we want to inform you about the transfer of "fysieke inventaris/l’inventaire des appareils et sources radioactives" to the FANC/AFCN. This has to be done by the radiation protection officer but it obviously requires information from the medical physicist. The data transfer gets in action from April 2019 onwards. Please consult following links for more information:




However, there are still some pertinent questions. For example, about the data of the last medical physics test. Some modalities require more frequent testing than annual (mammography, linear accelerator, etc). Which date should then be specified? We asked more clarifications to the FANC/AFCN and will inform you if we receive feedback. If this "Fysieke inventaris/l’inventaire des appareils et sources radioactives" is new to you, then get in contact with your health physics representative. they can advise you what to do.


the board.